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  • Well Dewaxing

    1、 Well dewaxing 2. product description Well dewaxing BJ101BS type, superconducting technology, combined with oil well structure, the new superconducting, fast, and environmentally friendly wax removal equipment designed and manufactured has a very good effect on the dewaxing...
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  • Mobile Oil Well Wax Removal Equipment

    1、 Mobile oil well wax removal equipment 2、Product description At present, there are many kinds of oil waxes in the oil field, which can be roughly divided into six methods: electric heating wax removal, organic solvent wax removal, chemical wax removal, microbiological wax...
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  • Well Cleanout Truck

    1、 Well cleanout truck 2、 Product description Well cleanout truck Product application range 1. Applicable to oil wells with 2" and 4" - 7" tubing. 2. Suitable for a variety of on-site voltage (220V, 380V, 660V, 1140V); 3、Technical parameters 4、Product details...
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  • Hot Oiler Well Flushing and Paraffin Removal Truck

    1、 Hot oiler Well flushing and Paraffin Removal Truck 2、 Product description Output temperature:90-260°C Thermal efficiency:93% or more Construction process:Simple Climate impact:All year round construction Operators:2 people 3、 Technical parameters 4、 Product details...
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  • Well Flushing Truck

    1、 Well flushing truck 2、 Product description Well flushing truck.Superconducting materials are used in the equipment. Superconducting materials are metals and compounds that can produce superconductivity in extremely low temperature environments. They have rapid temperature...
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  • Oil Well Tubing Flusher

    1、 Oil well tubing flusher 2、 Product description Product application range 1. Applicable to oil wells with fluid production of 1t/d to 200t/d; 2 . Applicable to oil wells with oil-gas ratio below 200 m³/t; Tubing, wellhead pressure test:Equipment Pressure 20Mpa, can new...
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  • Steam Cleaning and Washing Production Equipment

    1、 Steam cleaning and washing production equipment 2、 Product description Steam cleaning and washing production equipment .It not only effectively solves the many difficult problems caused by wax deposition and leakage, but also leads the way in energy saving and emission...
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  • Hot Oil Wax Removal Equipment

    1、 Hot oil wax removal equipment 2、 Product description Uses: Oilfield superconductivity multi-functional well washing equipment can use hot water, crude oil, sewage, seawater, oil well production fluids as heating medium, used for oil well washing, wax well tubing wax...
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  • China Well Dewaxing

    The self-circulating method developed by ourselves is used to remove the wax from the oil well, and the wax removal is fast and the effect is good. Steam dewaxing can also be produced. High temperature hot water to remove wax.
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  • Multi-function Well Cleaning Wax Car

    Product introduction: The multi-function well cleaning wax cleaning vehicle is installed on the basis of the second-class automobile chassis, such as platen, diesel engine, clutch, gearbox, three-cylinder plunger pump, water tank, special boiler for vehicle, combustion...
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  • Well Cleaning Wax Car

    First, product introduction The well cleaning and waxing car is a mobile heating pump with a second type of automobile chassis as a mounting base. It is mainly used for oil field hot washing, cold washing conditions and working conditions requiring pumping, and is suitable...
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  • Multifunctional Washing Truck

    The car integrates various functions such as circulation, heating and washing, steam cleaning and waxing. The superconducting medium has stable flow, high heat value, high thermal efficiency, high equipment utilization rate, long service life of the three-cylinder plunger...
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