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Oil Well Cleaning Truck

  • Mobile Oil Well Wax Removal Equipment

    1、 Mobile oil well wax removal equipment 2、Product description At present, there are many kinds of oil waxes in the oil field, which can be roughly divided into six methods: electric heating wax removal, organic solvent wax removal, chemical wax removal, microbiological wax...
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  • Well Dewaxing Manufacturers

    1. Temperature control2. Pressure control3. Frequency conversion control4. Control process5. Remote monitoring.
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  • China Fuel Oil Steam Generator Or Mobile Or Truck-mounted Manufacturer

    Oil and water well plug removal Wellhead pressure test Oil well inspection and leakage detection Natural gas well washing brine or other solvent Self-circulation for heating in the water tank Oil pipeline sweeping Large-discharge pipeline washing Tubing sand washing
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  • Steam Dewax Truck Manufacturer

    Superconducting well washing equipment: Steam pressure is at 15MPa, steam flow rate is at 2160m³/h. The steam tubing washing can save around 7 hours compared with the traditional equipment washing. The steam washing oil well of this equipment only needs about 1 hour when the...
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  • Supplier Well Flushing And Paraffin Removal Truck

    Based on the secondary chassis, by adding platforms, diesel engines, clutches, gearboxes, three-cylinder cylinder piston pumps, water tanks, vehicle-specific heat exchangers, burners, gas supply systems, pumping, and modified well-washing wax trucks. Drainage pipes, boiler...
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  • Mobile Boiler Flushing Well

    1、 Mobile boiler flushing well 2、 Product description At present, our company develops and manufactures a number of mobile boiler flushing wells. According to the different needs of customers, the company can also produce different types of products. 3、 Technical parameters...
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  • Mobile Steam Dewaxing Device

    1、Mobile steam dewaxing device 2、 Product description Electrical protection measures 1) Emergency power off In order to deal with emergencies, emergency stop devices are installed on the electrical cabinets. 2), electrical isolation Isolation switches and fuses are used for...
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  • Trailer Type Oil Well Wax Removal Equipment

    1、Trailer type oil well wax removal equipment 2、Product description Green: Wastewater discharge into history Trailer type oil well wax removal equipment.The equipment uses oil well production fluid as medium and has good compatibility with the formation. There is no drainage...
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  • Well Washing and Wax Removal Mobile Boiler

    1、 Well washing and wax removal mobile boiler 2、 Product description Well washing and wax removal mobile boiler.After the well is washed, it can remove the screened, mesh, and air-segment soluble plugging material, and dredge the oil channel so that the oil well fluid...
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  • Mobile Steam Dewax Truck

    1、 Mobile Steam Dewax Truck 2、 Product description Wash well thoroughly: no wax is left behind at high temperatures Mobile Steam Dewax Truck.The superconducting temperature of the equipment can reach 350°C, uniform heat transfer, high thermal efficiency, and free conversion...
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  • Mobile Steam Generator

    1、 Mobile steam generator 2、 Product description Mobile steam generator.The vapor pressure of the device is 20MPa, the amount of steam to 2160m³ / h. Mainly used for underground work and workover Hotels thaw and heavy jacket, cleaning tanks, tubing and pipelines in scaling,...
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  • Mobile Hot Oil Vehicle

    1、 Mobile hot oil vehicle 2、 Product description Mobile hot oil vehicle.Use the device's own water tank (oil, dirt, water) as a wax cleaning medium and heat to clean and remove the wax. 3、Technical parameters 4、Product details 5、Production process
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As one of the leading oil well cleaning truck manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to buy customized oil well cleaning truck made in China here from our factory.
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