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Oil Well Cleaning Equipment

  • Well Dewaxing

    1、 Well dewaxing 2. product description Well dewaxing BJ101BS type, superconducting technology, combined with oil well structure, the new superconducting, fast, and environmentally friendly wax removal equipment designed and manufactured has a very good effect on the dewaxing...
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  • Steam Cleaning and Washing Production Equipment

    1、 Steam cleaning and washing production equipment 2、 Product description Steam cleaning and washing production equipment .It not only effectively solves the many difficult problems caused by wax deposition and leakage, but also leads the way in energy saving and emission...
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  • Hot Oil Wax Removal Equipment Manufacturer

    The superconducting multifunctional well washing equipment produced uses superconducting materials and integrates modern aerospace navigation technology and industrial control technology. The equipment can wash the well by steam, hot water, and self-circulation.The well heats...
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  • Well Washing And Dewaxing Manufacturers

    Self-circulation well washing, hot water well washing, steam well washing.
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  • Well Dewaxing Device Manufacturers

    1. Land oil Wells, offshore oil Wells, shale gas Wells, and natural gas Wells (injection Wells, polymer injection Wells, pumping Wells, screw pump Wells, electric pump Wells, and self-flowing Wells) pump 500m ~ 3,500m Wells; 2. Oil Wells with liquid production of 1t/d ~...
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  • Oil Removal Wax Removal Equipment

    It can remove the soluble plugging materials in the tubing mesh, screen tube and jet section, and clear the oil passage.
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  • Oil And Asphaltene Removal Truck

    We are the industries' leading provider of paraffin and asphaltene removal services.
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  • Oil Field Wax Removal Service

    After washing the well, it can remove the soluble plugging materials in the screen, mesh and shooting section, dredge the oil passage, and continuously flow the oil well into the bottom of the well, greatly increasing the output of the oil well; increasing the oil flow...
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  • China Hot Water Flushing Oil Well Truck Manufacturers

    Conventional well washing equipment: Outlet temperature: 55-80 °C; Superconducting multifunctional well washing equipment: Outlet temperature: 90-260 °C.
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  • China Tubing Dewaxing Truck Manufacturer

    Superconducting equipment run time temperature can reach 350 ℃, uniform heat transfer, high thermal efficiency, it not only can remove the tubing wall and wax on the surface of the sucker rod, subsurface pump and tail pipe network eye dirt, also can remove oil sands and...
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  • Well Dewaxing Device Manufacturer

    Oil well steam washing: The water in the equipment water tank enters the heat exchanger through the steam pump and rapidly heats up to form high-temperature steam. The steam is injected into the casing to carry out the well washing. This equipment has the benefit of high...
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  • Oil Well Tubing Except Wax Car Manufacturer

    The water in water tank is pumped into the heat exchanger by high pressure pump. The water goes through the excessive heat utilization device, and is injected into the casing for washing purpose. This equipment has the benefit of heat up rapidly, high temperature, and remove...
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As one of the leading oil well cleaning equipment manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to buy customized oil well cleaning equipment made in China here from our factory.
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