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Why New Car Waxing
Oct 10, 2018

1, sealing wax is different from polishing wax, it is not shiny, poor air permeability, seriously affecting the appearance of the car.

2. During the use of the car, the seal wax is easy to adhere to dust and is not easy to clean.

3. The long-term stay of the sealing wax on the surface of the paint film will evolve into harmful substances and corroded the body due to the aid of ultraviolet rays and atmospheric acid substances.

Some automobile manufacturers spray a layer of sealing wax on the body in order to protect the paint from damage during long-distance transportation. Because the sealing wax is very thick and very hard, it can prevent the scraping and whipping of branches or strong winds in the transport of large double-deck carts. Imported cars are coated with this wax, while domestic cars are mostly electrostatically sprayed. The paint surface is glossy, and no paint wax is needed.

Remove the wax seal of the new car, that is, "open wax."

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