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What Are The Reasons That Affect The Operation Status Of The Washing Truck?
Nov 21, 2018

As the market becomes increasingly competitive, continuous and efficient production operations are very important for oil companies. Therefore, as a basic equipment in the oil exploitation process, the well washing truck needs to be scientifically and effectively managed. What are the factors that affect the operating state of the washing truck?

First, the reasons that affect the operation status of the washing truck:

1. Lack of rationality

For the well-washing car, unreasonable use will have a very serious impact on its operating state, and this unreasonable use mainly includes two aspects:

1) It can't be used reasonably according to the specification of the washing truck, such as overloading or overloading, which will greatly reduce the service life of the washing truck;

2) The stability of the oil well washing machine power equipment cannot be guaranteed, which will greatly affect the operation effect of the washing truck.

2. Maintenance and maintenance lack professionalism

At present, a key reason for the low level of maintenance and maintenance management of oil washing enterprises in oil companies is that maintenance and maintenance operations are not professional, especially the lack of professional oil washing equipment maintenance and maintenance staff or work teams. This causes the repair and maintenance of the washing truck to stay only in the surface form, not

Played a good result. Unprofessional maintenance and maintenance personnel cannot fully and effectively detect the well-washing vehicle, and thus cannot properly and properly solve the problems that occur or may occur in the equipment.

3. Maintenance and maintenance lacks timeliness

The factors affecting the operation status of the washing truck also include the lack of timely maintenance and maintenance. At present, in most oilfield enterprises, the relevant workers are repaired after the washing truck fails to continue to use it, so it is said that The well-washing car is extremely lacking in scientific and reasonable maintenance, which makes the washing truck

The service life is greatly shortened. At the same time, this will greatly increase the maintenance and maintenance costs of the washing truck.

4. Maintenance and maintenance lacks rationality

At present, even some oil companies are aware of the need to regularly repair and maintain the washing truck, but they all have certain limitations. The related work is only carried out according to the relevant regulations of the industry, and will not start from the actual wear and tear of the washing truck, which also leads to the failure of the maintenance and maintenance plan and the equipment.

The effective state of operation is combined. If it is always blunt to follow the established maintenance and maintenance plan, then the well truck will be difficult to meet the production needs.


Second, improve the maintenance and maintenance of the washing truck:

1 Establish a high level of maintenance and maintenance work team

For an enterprise, the most important thing is the level of competence of the staff. Therefore, in order to improve the maintenance and maintenance management level of the washing truck, it is necessary to establish a professional team with a high level of professionalism. It is necessary to organize personnel to conduct regular training and assessment, and continuously improve the maintenance and maintenance of equipment such as well washing vehicles.


2. Improve the maintenance and maintenance management system of the washing truck

It is necessary to continuously refine and improve the maintenance and maintenance management system of the well washing truck. Based on the actual construction conditions in the oil exploitation process, it is necessary to select a well washing vehicle suitable for oil exploitation conditions and to use various processes in the process of its use. Rationalize the specifications to improve the efficiency and safety of the washing truck.

Minimize wear and damage during use. It is necessary to fully supply the necessary accessories for the washing truck to ensure the prediction and implementation of safety stock.

3. Strengthen supervision of maintenance and maintenance management of well washing vehicles

It is necessary to intensify the supervision of the maintenance and maintenance management of the well washing truck to ensure its effective and effective development, to implement the various responsibilities in the work, to improve the ability to cope with emergency emergencies, and to strengthen the supervision of the staff. To improve their sense of responsibility, and continuously improve the overall level of maintenance and maintenance management and effectiveness, and thus achieve smooth development of oil exploration.

To sum up, according to the above measures, it is possible to ensure the continuous improvement of the safety performance of the washing truck during operation.

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