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Well Productivity Evaluation Method
Jun 11, 2018

Well productivity evaluation is accomplished through production testing. The conventional capacity test is conducted underground, that is, the well productivity index is determined by measuring the well production and the bottomhole pressure, so as to evaluate the well productivity. For some oil wells, bottomhole pressure testing is very difficult, and production capacity evaluation is often difficult to achieve. In order to effectively evaluate the production capacity of oil wells, an improvement has been made in their evaluation methods. That is, the production test is moved from the ground to the ground, and the productivity of the well is evaluated by testing the production capacity equation of the nozzle. The size of the oil well productivity index is used to evaluate the well productivity. . By measuring the output of different wells, the nozzle productivity index can be determined. Research shows that the production test of the nozzle does not affect the normal production of the well, nor does it increase any test cost. The method is simple and practical.

Oil well tests mainly include indicators of power diagram and surface data, well electrical parameters, system efficiency, etc. Pumping unit test diagnostic instruments include instruments such as dynamometers, echometers, and power testers, and important information such as power diagram and liquid level The tools play an important supporting role in the technical analysis of the oil production team and are also an important part of realizing the single well intelligent oil sum and data acquisition of the oil wells. The dynamometer diagram and dynamic surface test of pumping wells are an important and regular part of the exploration and development of oil and gas fields. The dynamometer test is the main means to understand the working conditions of the pumping well, rod and pump. The dynamic surface test is to understand the fluid supply capacity of the pumping well and master the main means of production dynamics. Normally the power diagram and the dynamic surface test work are performed at the same time, because the two are closely related when diagnosing the working condition of the pump and verify each other.

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