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Well Productivity
Jun 11, 2018

Capacity efficiency = oilfield actual annual oil production (104t)/development total wells (mouth).

In the calculation of "capacity efficiency", the calculation of the total number of wells developed (that is, all production wells, injection wells, gas injection wells, observation wells, etc.) has been calculated to consider "economic" factors. Because some oil fields have enough natural energy, there are no injection wells; while some oil fields have many injection wells due to lack of natural energy, and the development costs of the two are quite different. If only the number of production wells or the number of production wells is used to calculate "capacity efficiency", this will obscure the difference in development cost input.

High production efficiency means that the single well output is high, which means that it is high-yield. If the wells being developed have high productivity in each well, it means that the total output is high and the exploitation efficiency is good, which means that the purpose of producing less wells and high production is achieved. Capacity efficiency is an instantaneous value. To ensure the maximum benefit of oilfield development, a relatively high capacity efficiency value must be guaranteed every year during the life of the oilfield development regulations.

Capacity efficiency is also a comprehensive technical indicator that reflects the level and status of oilfield development, because the actual oil production per year in the oil field indicates the level of oilfield oil production. The high oil production shows that there is a guarantee for advanced technological measures, and the degree of control over reserves is high. The understanding of reservoir geology has also deepened.

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