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Washing And Wax Removal Truck Considerations
Nov 20, 2018

1. The equipment should be parked at the upper air outlet outside the safe area of the well.

2. When the equipment is powered, it can be connected to the well site power supply (qualified electrician is required to operate), and the equipment is equipped with its own generator, no professional electrician is required.

3. When the external power cord is connected, the well field voltage should be consistent with the marking on the equipment terminal, and the connection is strictly prohibited.

4. The ground wire must be fastened to check the oil circuit to prevent dripping, seepage and leakage.

5. When washing the well, the well washing pipeline is high temperature, and it can't be in line with the cable to avoid baking the cable.

6. The oil well is cycled, observe the inlet and outlet pressure, check whether the pipeline is unblocked, and whether there is any pressure.

7. When the equipment is working, check if the chimney is in the raised state.

8. Check the indication status of the instrument. The voltage is between 190V and 240V. It can't be started frequently when using the generator. It needs to start at 1-2 minutes after starting.

When starting the equipment, check whether the instruments are within the specified range. Check the superconducting temperature at normal temperature. When the superconducting pressure is negative pressure, it is normal. When the superconducting pressure is positive pressure, the equipment leaks. It is strictly forbidden to use.

9. When connecting the pipeline, the quick connector must be inserted in place to prevent it from falling out.

10. When using a high pressure water gun, it is strictly forbidden to use a water gun to the person.

11. After the well washing is completed, firstly pressurize the connected pipeline and return the pressure to the pipeline when the temperature is reduced to 50 °C to avoid scalding the human body by the high temperature gas flowing out of the pipeline.

12. When using the pump, prohibit the throttle from becoming too large and small, causing the pump to rotate at a steady speed. When the water tank is empty, all pumps should be stopped to avoid burning.

13. The pump should be rinsed with water after the drug is added. In winter, it should be washed with antifreeze to prevent the pump from freezing.

14. When the device is working, it is strictly forbidden to touch the accumulator at the top of the device to prevent burns.

15. When using the pump, be careful to use only weak base or weak acid liquid.

16. Wash the equipment line once a year according to the situation, usually with hydrofluoric acid plus slowing agent and TH-01 antidote.

17. Ventilation must be maintained when working in a distribution room.

18. When handling the equipment, pay attention to non-slip to avoid falling.

19. The safety valve is calibrated once a year.

20. The operation must be performed in accordance with the instruction manual for each part of the equipment.

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