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There Are Many Factors That Affect Oil Well Productivity Or Development Efficiency Or Low Well Production
Jun 11, 2018

There are many factors that affect oil well production capacity or development efficiency or low well production, mainly including differences in oilfield geological conditions, differences in crude oil properties, differences in understanding of reservoirs, oilfield exploitation strategies, development methods, drilling and well completion techniques, and development adjustments. Measures and so on.

1. Effect of reserve abundance on production capacity

Through the analysis of similar oilfields at home and abroad, there is a direct relationship between reserves abundance and production capacity, and high reserve abundance corresponds to high production capacity. At the same time, “capacity” is closely related to “reservoir abundance and fluidity”, and abundance and fluidity of reserves are the most important geological factors affecting production capacity. Especially for offshore oil fields, the greater the abundance of reserves, the faster the capacity rises. There is a similar relationship between offshore sandstone reservoirs and offshore oil fields

2. Effect of well pattern density on productivity

Well pattern density has a direct relationship with production capacity. The higher the well pattern density, the lower the productivity efficiency. The relationship between the well pattern density of the Shengli Oilfield and the production efficiency is good (see Figure 5). The general trend of domestic offshore oilfields is the high density of well pattern and low productivity (see Figure 6). This shows that there are many wells, low benefits, and ways to increase efficiency

Diameter can not only drill.

3. Relationship between production efficiency and oil production rate

In general, the oil production rate is high and the production efficiency is high, which is particularly evident for offshore oil fields. This is also the reason why increasing single well production capacity can increase production efficiency.

In addition to the above factors that affect the productivity, the reservoir's geological conditions, heterogeneity, and natural energy (gas, water, comprehensive compression coefficient, etc.) are also important factors. At the same time, there are also some factors, such as the development of technology policies (layer division, water injection methods, capacity design, etc.), drilling, well completion techniques, and development adjustment measures.

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