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The Three Errors Of Waxing
Oct 10, 2018

1. Some people plan to save money and directly grind and polish the wax surface paint. This move is not allowed, because the wax has long been contaminated, degenerate, no use of value, not to mention also covered with dust and sand, if used to grind, it will seriously damage the paint.

2. Some people think that the wax layer of the new car is thick, except that the wax can be sloppy, and clever use sponges, towels or toilet paper to wipe. This is very wrong, because the wax layer contains a lot of dust and sand. The result of the direct wipe is a lot of damage to the finish of the new car.

3, some people figure is convenient, with gasoline, kerosene or diesel oil to dissolve the wax, the result is to achieve the purpose of removing the wax, but the gloss of the paint surface is completely destroyed, increasing the difficulty of post-processing, not worth the candle.

The waxing of the new car requires the use of special waxing water, and it cannot be replaced with other solvents. Wax-opening water is the most important product for waxing operations in new cars, with strong dissolution capacity and degreasing ability. In general, a new car is waxed. Within a few minutes after the wax is sprayed on, the wax layer of the car can be completely dissolved, and there is no corrosion to the paint, plastics and rubber parts.

According to the difference of the sealing wax on the car body surface, there are three types of wax water, namely, wax-opening oil, wax-opening resin, and powerful dewaxing washing liquid. Respectively oil wax, resin sealing wax and silicone oil protective wax.

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