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The Main Product Configuration And Outstanding Technical Advantages Of The Wax Cleaning Vehicle
Dec 07, 2018

Regarding the relevant configuration information of the wax-cleaning car, how much do you know about it? We should all know that the wax-cleaning car is a mobile heat pump with a second-class car chassis as the base for the hot-washing and cold-washing conditions of the oil field. Need pumping conditions, suitable for ambient temperature -30 ° C -40 ° C, field operations. The working medium is: clear water, softened water or crude oil.

    The cleaning wax car is mainly equipped with:

    1, loading chassis: Shaanxi Auto 6X4 / Shaanxi Auto 4X2 / heavy truck 6X4 / North Ben 6X4 / Liberation 6X4 second class car chassis.


    2. Boiler: 326 manual ignition DC coil boiler; 327\328 horizontal DC coil boiler, working pressure 20MPa.


    3. Piston pump: 350/3404 horizontal three-cylinder plunger pump. Working pressure: 35MPa; water power: 130KW; working displacement 65m3/h.


    4, diesel generator set: 327 / 328 horizontal boiler can be equipped with Cape KDE19STA3, Japan Kubota generator set.

    5, burner: 327 / 328 horizontal boiler can be equipped with imported Italian Baxter, Germany Weisuo and other brands of fuel burners. The 326 boiler is equipped with a manual high-energy ignition self-made burner.


    The outstanding technical advantages of the wax removal vehicle are as follows:


    1. The wax-cleaning car mainly adopts the power of the car, which is economical and practical.


    2. The improved multi-function well cleaning wax car can integrate all functions of steam boiler car and well cleaning wax car through the design of one machine and double pump. Recommended products for the current market.

    The main product configuration and outstanding technical advantages of the wax-cleaning car are mainly these. I believe that everyone has a better understanding of the wax-cleaning car. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will continue to organize for you. Can help everyone.

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