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The Main Principle Of Oil Well Cleaning Agent
Jun 11, 2018

The main principle of oil well cleaning agent is to rely on the effect of penetrant and sludge stripping agent to make the scale remover quickly penetrate into the interior of the scale layer, and then dissolve and react with scales, so that all kinds of scale substances are rapidly removed and dissolved. The scale is completely dissolved in the cleaning agent, and the incompletely dissolved scale impurities are also peeled off due to the effect of the penetrating agent to lose the bonding strength with the bonding surface, and are taken out of the device with the flow of the cleaning agent.

Range of use

1. Oil deposits, oil well pipes, oil pipelines, thermal oil furnaces, boilers and other circulating systems Cleaning of mineral deposits such as grease, rust and carbonate scale.

2. Cleaning of scale, rust, algae, and sludge in systems such as heat exchangers, hot water supply systems, and cooling towers.

3. Similar dirt cleaning in industrial cooling equipment.

4, ceramics, plastics and other non-metallic equipment scale material cleaning.

SP-203 oil well cleaning agent will not have any pitting, oxidation or other harmful reactions to the material when used directly for the cleaning of carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, iron, fiber, leather, rubber and other materials.

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