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The Difference Between Dewaxing Car Wash And Non-waxing Car Wash
Oct 10, 2018

Basic car wash can be divided into two categories: dewaxing car wash and not dewaxing car wash. What is the difference between them?

Dewaxing car wash: To give the car a new polish, use a dewaxing car wash to clean the car. How can that car be cleaned? The method is very simple. Sprinkle some water on the cover of the front machine. If the water can cover the paint, it means that it has been cleaned. If there is a lotion, it means there is wax or oil on the car and it needs to be cleaned and then waxed.

No dewaxing car wash: Do not want to wash the car's own wax, just do the daily car care maintenance, this will use non-dewaxing car washes. Laundry detergents and detergents are used for daily car washing because their strong acid properties lead to car paint oxidation, which makes the car paint black.

It should be noted that the towels used during the car wash must not contain sand and must be clean; do not use too much force when washing the car so as not to deform or damage the veneer.

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