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The Company's Five Employees' Innovation Achievements Won Oilfield Recognition
Jan 09, 2019

  The results of the selection of excellent workers' innovation achievements in the oilfield in 2018 were released. The “Improvement Project of Deep Hole Boring Auxiliary Equipment” implemented by Ma Dong, Wang Sha and Zhang Dong of the company's workshop won the second prize of potential tapping and efficiency improvement; Wei and Wanhou implemented the "Special Fixture Design Project for Well Washing Valve Seat", the "21m Derrick Welding Process Innovation Project" implemented by Liu Dong and Tian Shi in the fourth workshop, and the "Hydrogen" implemented by Li Zhang, Shi Yuan and Zhang Haitao in the five workshops. Oxygen generating device stainless steel pipe cutting tooling project, won the third prize for tapping potential and efficiency.

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