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Superconducting Well Cleaning Wax Car Works
Dec 04, 2018

Cleaning wax cleaning method:

        1. Using the oil well produced liquid as the medium;

        2. Use the equipment's own water tank (oil, sewage, water) as the wax cleaning medium;

        3. Wash the well with the steam produced by the equipment.

        Superconducting well cleaning wax car working principle:

        The equipment is completed by the superconducting function to complete the hot washing and wax removal process. The liquid extracted from the oil well is used as a medium (or the hot water and steam of the equipment tank are used as a medium), and after the device is rapidly heated, the super Under the action of the guide and the thermal power, the hot well liquid is sprayed into the annular space of the oil jacket, and is slid down at a speed of several tens of meters per second, and flows quickly to the bottom of the well, forcing the temperature of the oil pipe and the well fluid to rise rapidly. In this way, the oil well's own heat carrier cycle is formed, so that the oil pipe and the casing are heated from shallow to deep, and the wax in the molten oil pipe and the sucker rod is melted, so that heat exchange occurs during the rise of the produced liquid in the well, and the temperature rises rapidly, and the heat is heated. Flush the wax on the inner wall of the tubing with high-melting point dirt. In this cycle, after the inside and outside of the oil pipe is heated, the wax and dirt layers dissolve and gradually disappear. At the same time, the tail pipe mesh and the hollow section can be washed to form a vertical heat exchange system, thereby achieving hot wash and wax removal. Increase production goals.


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