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Small Problems That The Special Car Can Solve By Itself
Jan 20, 2019

First, eliminate the vibration and noise of the wiper blade?

Use pliers to reduce the gap between each joint and the rubber sheet.

Second, how to extend the life of the bulb?

After buying a car or replacing a new one, wipe the lamp with alcohol to remove fingerprints and oil.

Third, how to reduce tire noise?

Pull out the pebbles in the tire pattern and attach a layer of black felt or flannel to the front panel of the front wheel.

Fourth, the simple handling of the car shake in the morning?

Because the individual cylinders work badly, the valve is not closed tightly. It is a way to run on high speed (cost). You can also run for a while at the high speed in 3 or 4 gears (saving money). The effect is the same.

If the hot car does not shake but the shift is not smooth (hand gear), there may be uneven injection volume of the injector, which needs to be detected and cleaned.

5. How to adjust the level of the lights yourself?

If you find that the headlights are not ideally adjusted, open the hood. There is a small hole above the headlights. Inside is the inner 6-pointed rose. You can adjust it with your own screwdriver.

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