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Safety Of Superconducting Multifunctional Well Cleaning Equipment
Nov 29, 2018

Safety performance of superconducting multifunctional well washing equipment for high-temperature and high-pressure steam cleaning of oil pipelines:

1. The equipment adopts three-phase five-wire wiring, namely tn-s, which separates the working zero line from the protection zero line and greatly improves the personal safety coefficient.

2. The operation panel of the equipment adopts DC24V human safety voltage.

3.the use of intelligent circuit breaker can work on the equipment, over voltage, over current, overload, short circuit, leakage, lack of phase, power, to ensure the safety of the equipment.

4. Double loop control system is adopted to check the operation of the equipment by observing the data of the two channels, which greatly reduces the failure rate of the equipment and improves the working performance of the equipment. If there is a problem in one way of equipment work, the other way can work, and the two ways do not interfere with each other, greatly improving the efficiency of work.

5. Intelligent temperature meter, pressure meter and flow meter are adopted to control the automatic start and stop of the equipment by setting pressure, temperature and flow rate to protect the safety of the equipment.

6. The equipment is equipped with remote control system. In case of emergency, the power supply of the equipment can be cut off at a distance to ensure personal safety.


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