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Oil Wells Are Holes Drilled By Drilling Methods
Jun 11, 2018

In order to extract oil, the oil is drilled from the bottom of the well to the wellhead in accordance with the holes drilled in the well system of the oilfield development plan.

Wells are holes drilled by drilling methods. After the oil well is drilled up to the oil layer, it is run into the reservoir casing and the well cement is injected into the annular space between the casing and the well wall to maintain the well wall and seal the oil, gas, and water layers, and then used for the development of the oil field. The hole guns fired off the oil layer, formed a channel, entered the oil pipe, and with suitable flow method, the oil was raised from the well bottom to the wellhead.

With the gradual reduction of world oil reserves, scientists are scrambling to find alternatives to oil. However, so far, no suitable product has been found to replace the petroleum products used every day.

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