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Oil Well Cleaning Agent Use Method
Jun 11, 2018

Cycle cleaning method

1 Make a thorough inspection of the system to be cleaned to confirm that the equipment needs to be cleaned and the system has no leakage.

2 The equipment that needs to be cleaned in the system is separated from other equipment that is not cleaned, and temporary pipes and dosing tanks are connected to form a circulation loop. If there is no circulating pump, an external circulating pump is required.

3 Count the amount of circulating water and check for any leakage in the circulation circuit.

4 According to the scale thickness to determine the amount of cleaning agent and dilution ratio (usually 15% -40%), the cleaning agent added to the dosing barrel, connected to the circulation line, usually from the bottom of the cleaning equipment to enter the top out . After the cleaning is started, the pH is measured every half hour, and the pH is controlled to be between 2.0 and 3.0. When the pH is >3.0, the cleaning agent is added at any time. After the cleaning time reaches 6-8 hours, the circulatory system is reversed and the cleaning pipeline is replaced by the upper part of the cleaning equipment and the lower part. Re-circulate cleaning and check PH value at any time.

5 After the cleaning is completed, it may or may not be rinsed with water. A water rinse is recommended to quickly recover the oxide film on the metal surface and remove a small amount of insoluble matter inside the equipment.

6 The cleaning residue can be recycled when the pH is less than 3.0, but the precipitate in the cleaning residue must be removed. Store in shade and cool place. When the pH reaches 4.5, the cleaning residue can be discharged directly.

Immersion cleaning

1 Dilute the cleaning agent 3-7 times and place it in a large container. Soak small equipment or pipes that need cleaning into the cleaning agent for 10-12 hours. Until the pH of the cleaning agent reaches 4.5, it will be discharged.

2 Combined with the cycle cleaning method, after the diluted detergent is pumped into the device, it can be washed after immersing for 6-8 hours.

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