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Oil Well Cement Features
Jun 11, 2018

With the appropriate density and setting time, the lower consistency, ready-mixed well concrete formulated with it has good anti-settling and pumpability. By injecting it into a predetermined (temperature, pressure) section of the well, it can quickly set and harden and produce a certain degree of mechanical strength. Concrete has good impermeability, stability and corrosion resistance after curing. Oil well cement is a kind of special cement. Portland cement clinker composed of hydraulic calcium silicate as its main component is made by adding appropriate amount of gypsum and grinding aid.


Use place: Oil well cement is cement for cementing works for oil wells and gas wells.

Requirements for use: The cement slurry must have a certain fluidity and suitable density during the injection process. After the cement slurry is injected into the well, it should be set up quickly and reach a considerable strength in a short period of time; the hardened cement slurry should have good stability. Sex, impermeability, corrosion resistance, etc.

Matters needing attention: The conditions of oil wells and gas wells are very complex. To adapt to the specific conditions of different wells, it is necessary to add some additives to the cement, such as weighting agents, reducing agents or retarders.

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