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New Employee Training
Dec 16, 2018

  In order to better implement lean management, improve operational skills, and expand work ideas, on December 14, 2018, organize production and training of new employees. The main content of this study includes two parts: equipment operation capability and on-site management capability. Under the leadership of the production supervisor leader Li, the factory conducted a systematic study tour, and in the afternoon, according to the order of the shifts, the corresponding operation skills and on-site management. Throughout the learning process, our employees have strict discipline, study hard, and humbly ask for a good spirit.

  Through this training, we have benefited a lot. Not only did everyone improve their cognitive and operational skills in their respective positions, but they also broadened the thinking of on-site lean management, especially in dealing with the problem of running leaks and on-site sanitation. They were inspired and learned new methods. . We will make up for the shortcomings and continuous improvement, so as to improve work efficiency, enhance the overall image of the company, and promote stable, healthy and sustainable development of the company!


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