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GKA Superconducting Automatic Hot Wash Wax Removal Device Operation Procedures
Dec 23, 2018


First, the inspection before use:

1. Check if the oil level of the fuel tank is within the specified range.

2. Check if the water level of the water tank is within the specified range.

3. Check if the terminals in the distribution box are loose.

4. Check if the air pressure of the tire is sufficient.

5. Check if the electrolyte of the battery is within the specified range.

6. Check whether the instruments are sensitive and normal.

Second, the use of equipment:

1. Tool preparation: pipe wrench and well washing equipment

2. Stop the pumping unit and connect the power cord.

3. Reverse the production process, close the production valve, open the pressure valve to release pressure, open the sampling port to relieve pressure, disassemble the wire plug on the production wing valve, install the A (production wing valve) connector, and install B at the pressure valve. Casing valve) connector, connected to the high pressure hose line A (production wing valve) connected to the inlet of the device, B (sleeve valve) connector to the outlet of the device.

4. Check if the valves of the A and B connectors are open and open the production valve.

5. Before sending power to the GKA device, check whether the instrument switch is in the off state and check whether the external circuit is correct.

6. Open the instrument switch on the instrument panel and observe the display of each instrument. It is normal if it does not jump. After the above operation is correct, start the pumping unit to carry out the original well fluid circulation. When the internal liquid of the equipment is full, turn on the burner power supply, and the burner Auto-ignition, start waxing.

7. The operator must pay close attention to the value of each instrument display parameter. If the outlet temperature exceeds 120 °C, the outlet temperature rises to 120 °C for the first cycle. The first wax discharge was carried out when the inlet temperature rose to 70 ° C for 30 minutes. The entire well washing process should be carried out 2-3 times for wax discharge. When discharging wax, the burner switch should be turned off.

8. After the wax discharge is finished, turn on the burner switch and continue to wash the well to clear the wax. During the well washing process, if the pressure exceeds 2 MPa, connect the air defense line to the B connector vent valve for venting.

9. After washing the well, turn off the burner switch and turn off the meter switch and the main power switch when the outlet temperature drops to 70 °C.

10. After stopping the pumping unit, turn off the total power supply of the distribution box and remove the two main power lines from the unit.

11. Open the inbound valve, close the production valve, close the switch of the B connector, connect the vent line to the vent valve of the A connector, put it into the sump tank, open the B connector switch, and use the casing gas return line. Residual liquid inside. Close the pressure valve to remove the hose line and connector, start the pumping unit, and resume production.

12, cleaning the work site and equipment hygiene.

Third, matters needing attention

1. Be sure to keep the control speed moving slowly during transportation. It is forbidden to sit in the operating room.

2. The well washing machine is parked 15 meters away from the wellhead and the upper air outlet.

3. When connecting external power, pay attention to the voltage of external power (220V-380V) to avoid the danger of connection error. Before the burner is ignited, it should be judged whether there is liquid circulation in the pipeline of the well washing equipment. Listen to the ear and see if the temperature of the inlet and outlet displayed on the meter is balanced.) 4. The safety pin must be inserted at each joint to prevent accidents.

5. In the process of disassembly, first relieve pressure to avoid high pressure and high temperature injury.

6. After washing the well, close the chimney cover, the outer distribution box door, the inlet and outlet doors, wipe the high-pressure hose head and the oil on the A and B connectors, and lock the door.

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