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Functional Characteristics And Parameters Of Superconducting Multifunctional Wax Cleaning Car
Dec 05, 2018

Features of superconducting multifunctional wax cleaning car:

        1. Green and environmental protection: The equipment uses the oil well's own produced liquid as the medium (or uses the hot water and steam of the equipment tank as the medium), has good compatibility with the formation, does not pollute the oil layer, and has no drainage period.

        2, thoroughly washing well: high thermal efficiency, temperature up to 350 ° C, heat transfer uniform speed, and can store energy, release heat, not only can remove the wax on the inner wall of the tubing and the surface of the sucker rod, clear the pump and the tail pipe network Eye dirt can also remove oil, sand and impurities from the injection well.

        3. Energy-saving effect: After washing the well, the oil flow channel can be increased, the oil flow resistance in the pipe string can be reduced, and the efficiency of the machine mining system can be improved. The oil well with high ground energy can be restored to the liquid volume produced in the initial stage of development; The water quality has been greatly improved, and the amount of water injection has increased significantly, thereby reducing the cost of water injection wells.

        4, a multi-purpose machine: replaced the steam car, boiler car, pump truck, water tanker, dosing car, washing truck, hot wash wax car and other equipment.

        5, a variety of functions: oil, gas, water injection wells can be tested, leak detection, wax cleaning, sweeping, unblocking, salt washing, inspection kits, dosing, work thorn washing, well washing and other functions.

        6. Complete equipment: This equipment is a mobile equipment loaded on the chassis of the second class. It has strong off-road capability, improves maneuverability, and has the advantages of high automation, humanized design and easy operation.


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