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Employee Professional Skills Competition
Dec 11, 2018

 On December 10, 2018, the atmosphere in the factory was tense and fierce. The 4th Staff Skills Competition of Beijing Baoshi was in full swing. The labor skill competition consists of seven projects: equipment operation, crane operation, lathe, fitter, miller, welder and maintenance electrician. Nearly 30 contestants came from different technical positions in the electromechanical system. After the previous round of basic knowledge written test and careful preparation, they again appeared on the scene of the actual operation of the on-site skills and participated in the on-site competition. The contestants are full of energy and show their talents. During the competition, whether it is a welded piece with a firm structure and a smooth appearance made in the spark splash, or a basin of water that keeps a smooth running on the forklift, whether it is the precise positioning of the crane under the crane, or According to the temporary drawings, the repairing electrician's quick troubleshooting, fully demonstrates good business skills and high-quality professional style. The referee was meticulous and strictly judged. During the game, the referee hand-cranked the timer and looked at each player's intense operation. From time to time, they stood at each console to score, which reflected the fairness and fairness of the game. The whole game was both intense and interesting. Beijing Baoshi has stimulated the enthusiasm and creativity of its employees by organizing this employee labor skill competition, and actively guided the enthusiasm of the employees to learn technology and improve their professional skills.

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