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Characteristics Of Superconducting Multifunctional Washing Truck
Dec 03, 2018

The high-temperature and high-pressure steam generated by the superconducting multi-function washing truck is a high-performance cleaning device tailored for the cleaning of oil wells and oil pipelines. His main features are as follows:


        1. It can be used for cleaning oil, grease, gelatinous substances and some mechanical transmission parts in oil drilling platforms, oil wells, oil tanks and oil pipes;

        2, 185 degrees high temperature and high pressure steam, can remove stubborn oil and mud without any cleaning agent;

        3. Superconducting multi-functional well washing equipment is used for both steam and hot water. It can produce saturated steam and high temperature hot water. The ratio of steam and hot water can be adjusted according to the demand for different cleaning occasions.

        4. The superconducting multi-functional well washing equipment has anti-freezing function, which can avoid the freezing of the pipeline inside the equipment when working outdoors;

        5, superconducting multi-function well washing equipment can be placed on the second type of chassis, 6 * 6, 6 * 4 chassis can be used, strong off-road capability, improve maneuverability, easy to move when cleaning work at different sites;

        6, easy to use, only one person to operate, can enter the fully automatic working state, to ensure 24 hours of continuous work;

        7. The steam cleaning has no damage to the equipment, no secondary pollution, and has high-temperature sterilization effect.

        8. The unique water circulation design enables the product to reach the set working temperature and pressure quickly and efficiently in a short period of time, even if there is no temperature and pressure fluctuation during the hydration process.

        9. The unique built-in steam separator ensures steam moisture content ≤ 2%. This is also the most significant feature that distinguishes other similar products in China.

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