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Beijing Baoshi Spring Festival Party
Feb 01, 2019

On the evening of January 31, 2019, the company's New Year party was held at the Blue Ocean Hotel. The whole party was planned and hosted by the staff, and it was self-made and self-produced.

     In the speech of General Manager Cai Changying, accompanied by a bright military song, the evening kicked off, beautiful songs, humorous pieces, and various forms of the show. The party company also provided a stage for the employees to show their team spirit and show their team spirit between the departments. Everyone carefully prepared and invested in it. During the period, a lottery was held, and the game was carefully prepared. The atmosphere was very hot. The whole party was full of laughter and laughter, letting employees feel the joyful atmosphere of the festival in advance.

  2019 has arrived, let us gather together happiness, gather lucky, gather together, we are grateful to accompany each other, and create a dream. Unite and forge ahead, innovate and work hard, and constantly create a new situation for the company, to create a more brilliant and more brilliant tomorrow!

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