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Application And Analysis Of Self-circulating Hot Well Cleaning Wax Technology
Nov 05, 2018

 The self-circulating hot-washing wax-cleaning technology utilizes the production liquid and associated gas of the well as the heat-clearing wax-cleaning medium and energy source of the pumping well. After the heat treatment, the injection well is continuously circulated, and the temperature in the well reaches the wax during the heat cycle. The melting point of the wax is melted and the oil flows to the ground.

First, the working principle of self-circulating heat washing well wax removal technology

 After the formation liquid is lifted from the well to the wellhead by the pumping pump, after the temperature rises from the self-circulating well washing device, it is injected into the annular space of the oil jacket through the hose, and the new oil well temperature is increased without new circulation. When the temperature of the oil well is greater than or equal to When the wax melts, the wax on the oil pipe wall and the sucker rod will be slowly melted. During the falling process, the heat is transferred to the oil pipe, and the wax block attached to the pipe wall is heated to melt and fall off. When the liquid reaches the pump suction port and is drawn into the oil pipe upward, the wax block on the wall of the oil pipe and the sucker rod is further heated and taken out of the wellbore, thereby achieving the purpose of thermal circulation and wax removal.

Second, the application conditions of self-circulating heat washing well wax removal technology

1. The pump is working properly.

2. There are few impurities in the bottom of the well, and the sand in the oil well is not serious.

3. The thermal cycle process is smooth and the tubing is not lost.

4. The oil well has a small degree of sinking and the working well is small.


Third, self-circulating heat washing well waxing technical parameters

1. Time required for self-circulating hot wash and wax removal

The well washing time is mainly determined according to the oil production volume and pump depth of the oil well. The self-circulating heat washing well generally needs to circulate 2.5 times the wellbore volume in the wellbore.

2. Thermal wax cleaning temperature

According to indoor experiments and on-site conditions, the temperature of the self-circulating heat-cleaning technology needs to reach a minimum of 80 ° C, preferably between 80 ° C and 85 ° C.

3. Determination of the cycle of heat cycle wax removal

The thermal cycle wax removal cycle should be determined based on the actual situation, the nature of the crude oil and the waxing law of the oil well, mainly based on the maintenance records of the single well and the single well condition.

Fourth, the advantages of self-circulating hot wash well waxing technology

1. Self-circulating hot-washing wax cleaning technology can achieve the purpose of protecting the oil layer, and avoiding the drainage after the well washing affects the production, which is beneficial to the stable production of the oil well. The self-circulating hot-washing wax-cleaning technology adopts no pressure, and the liquid washes the well by itself, and does not pollute the oil layer. Compared with conventional hot washing, this technology uses gravity to cause the liquid to circulate continuously in the wellbore, which is not easy to cause the washing fluid to enter the formation. In addition, due to the circulation of its own production liquid, the washing fluid and the formation water are not compatible. The damage caused.

2. Self-circulating hot-washing wax cleaning technology has lower cost than other wax-cleaning methods. The self-circulating heat-washing and wax-cleaning technology is based on the full use of oil well associated gas, and can be heated with a small amount of fuel as needed, thus greatly saving Operation and production costs

3. The process is simple and easy to operate. The process is simple, easy to learn, safe and reliable.

Through the above introduction, the self-circulating hot-washing wax-cleaning technology has been applied, and has the characteristics of energy saving, no pollution, and low input cost. If you have any purchase needs in this area, please remember to contact me~

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