Working principle
Jun 20, 2018

The equipment is controlled by a frequency/digital input system to control the automatic control system, analog dual-input channel switch, and the input converter controls the ignition system. After the burner works, the heat transfer superconducting material is superheated, and the superconducting material is rapidly heated, and the heat is transferred to the closed container. The superconducting liquid is transferred to the superconducting tube after the superconducting liquid is heated up. The superconducting medium heats the superconducting coil and the superconducting coil is not in contact with the flame. Three times of indirect heating is used to form four times of heating using the chimney's residual heat. The superconducting material and the superconducting liquid rapidly Heating, the heat gathered by the concentrator, by the photoelectric isolation, graphic display, industrial controller, microprocessor, release the energy delivered to the super-waveguide inner tube to release energy, heat into the water pump to the balancer, after the energy storage device changes the computer network , Converter output energy, so that the total transmission output, the device produces high temperature, high pressure liquid and steam.

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