What is the use of wax cleaner?
Jan 02, 2019

  The wax cleaning agent is a chemical agent capable of removing wax deposits. The wax cleaning agent is generally used for oil wells to remove waxy scales in the oil pipes, and to clear the oil pipes to increase oil production. What is the use of the wax remover?

First, the amount of wax cleaning agent

Mainly based on the actual well depth (pumping position), the general principle:

1000 meters or less, plus 10-12 kg each time

1000-1500 meters, plus 15-17 kg each time

1500-2000 meters, each adding 18-20 kg

  Second, the wax cleaning agent dosing cycle

Mainly based on the degree of waxing in the oil well and the waxing cycle, the general principle: the previous week, add once a day; the second week, every other day; from the third week, if the degree of waxing is reduced, every two days Once added, if the effect of reducing the degree of waxing is not obvious, continue to add once every other day, and the final dosing cycle is adjusted according to the field test results.

Third, the operation method:

Use intermittent manual dosing, slowly add from the oil ring annular space (sleeve pressure valve), each time of adding the drug for about half an hour, remember to add quickly, if possible, use the funnel (or modified simple funnel), through The switch controls the rate of addition and is metered and registered for each dosing.


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