What is a well washing truck? After reading this article to solve your doubts
Jan 03, 2019

 Beijing Baoshi Oilfield Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of fully automatic multi-function washing truck equipment, wax cleaning vehicles and superconducting well cleaning wax vehicles.

 The well washing truck is mainly used for cleaning, sand washing and pressure testing of the water injection well during the oil field oil production operation, mainly by the chassis, the pay frame, the lift box, the three-cylinder plunger pump, the suction pipe, and the discharge. Pipe manifold, high pressure elbow box, water tank, etc. Its maximum pressure: 35MPa; plunger diameter: 100mm; stroke: 160mm

Other uses are:

 In the long-term water injection process, a small amount of mechanical impurities and oil contained in the water accumulate in the formation near the wellbore, which reduces the water absorption capacity of the formation, thereby polluting the water injection well, resulting in an increase in water injection pressure and even blocking the formation. Oil production in oil wells. In order to ensure normal water injection and achieve high yield and stable production of crude oil, the injection well must be cleaned regularly.

 Under normal circumstances, the well washing wastewater enters the combined station through the recovery pipeline and is injected back into the stratum. However, the injection wells in the single well or remote small oil fields are more dispersed, and generally there is no washing wastewater recovery pipeline. It is common to discharge the well washing wastewater directly into the wastewater pit near the well site for natural evaporation and infiltration, or to collect it by tanker for centralized treatment. The former has an impact on soil and vegetation, destroying the surrounding environment, and the latter is expensive to handle.

 Washing wells with well washing trucks can avoid huge pipeline investment, reduce the impact on the main process of sewage treatment station, realize the sewage discharge during the well washing process, improve the sewage treatment capacity, save water resources, reduce the production cost of oil wells, and protect the ecological environment. Improve crude oil recovery rate.



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