Pre-sale, sales, after-sales service commitment
Jun 20, 2018

First, pre-sale service

1.With the buyer to do a good analysis of the needs of the product, develop a complete design program. The

2. Select professional technicians and business personnel for technical exchanges and technical communication.

3. To provide professional technical advisory services. The

4. To provide product performance, features, program design drawings, and a variety of parameters, and actively cooperate with the buyer to choose a satisfactory product manufacturer.

5. Provide at any time inspection visits and a variety of convenient conditions. The

Second, sales service

1. After the contract is signed, the buyer's technical specifications will be used as a blueprint to compile the corresponding technical agreement, supplement, improve, and refine the technical specifications, and make it become the actual implementation technical document of the technical specification, after the buyer approves it. Execute and attach the technical agreement as an attachment to the equipment ordering contract. The

2. After the contract is signed, professional designers will be assigned to work on product design drawings. The

3. Promptly provide the buyer with all the technical data and drawings specified in the contract, and invite the buyer to participate in the supplier's design review.

4. Strictly implement the minutes or agreements signed by the supply and demand sides on relevant issues. The

5.Our company in the technical design, optimize the design, keep improving and ensure the smooth development of the design work.

6. During the manufacturing process, arrangements are made for review of the drawings, product supervision, inspection and acceptance, etc., so that all work before shipment can be carried out in an orderly manner.

7. Testing, inspection and inspection of product manufacturing, materials and products, compliance with relevant standards, implementation of regular project inspection, manual operation test, insulation resistance test, electrical action test, protection circuit continuity test, acceptance test according to technical specifications get on. The

8. The factory acceptance will be carried out according to the acceptance inspection guide prepared by the buyer and conforming to this contract and relevant technical requirements and approved by both parties. The

9. After the acceptance of the contract equipment has passed the factory acceptance, the company shall pack according to the relevant packaging technical requirements and relevant documents in this contract and the annexed documents and the corresponding national standards. The packaging shall ensure that the contract equipment maintains the equipment in good condition during transportation and storage. Quality status, and measures such as moisture, mildew, rain, rust, corrosion, vibration, shock, and pollution.

10. After the goods arrive at the site, our company will cooperate with the buyer in the shortest time to inspect the quantity, specifications and appearance quality of the products. If the inspection fails, the seller’s personnel did not arrive on time or abandon the inspection, and the buyer has the right to self-inspection. The seller acknowledged the inspection. Results and records. In the case of on-site unpacking inspection, if any equipment is found damaged due to reasons of our plant (including transportation, packaging, etc.), any defects, shortages, or inconsistent with the quality standards and regulations in the contract, our company receives the inspection notice from the buyer. After completion, the repaired or replacement of defective equipment and/or replacement of shortages shall be completed as soon as possible in accordance with the provisions of this contract, and the resulting costs of manufacture, repairs and transportation and insurance shall be borne by our company (including the buyer’s failure to repair with the seller/ The cost of the defective equipment); if the damage or shortage is caused by the buyer, our factory shall repair/replace the damaged parts or provide supplementary parts as soon as possible after receiving the buyer's repair/replacement or supply requirements. , but the cost is borne by the buyer. The

11. During the period of validity of the contract, the factory will provide timely services related to the installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the contracted equipment according to the needs of the buyer, including technical guidance and technical cooperation.

12. During the warranty period, the product will be implemented in three guarantees. From the date of delivery, the equipment will be mainly configured with one year warranty and six months of attachment, whichever occurs from the date of acceptance.

13. The company will send representatives to the site for technical services in accordance with the requirements of the buyer and instruct the buyer or the buyer's contractor to install and commission the contract equipment.

Third, after sales service

Beijing Minghui Baoshi Oilfield Equipment Co., Ltd. has ample spare parts inventory and technically experienced after-sales personnel in China. It can respond quickly and ensure that engineers can rush to the scene for troubleshooting in the shortest time after a failure. In particular, it promises to provide one-year free after-sales quality assurance service. After the warranty period, spare parts will be provided at the best price to ensure reliable and safe operation of the equipment during its use period.


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