Performance comparison with conventional well cleaning equipment
Jun 20, 2018

1. Hot water and wax removal: When the temperature is 90°, the conventional well-washing equipment has a displacement of 3m³/h; the superconducting well-washing equipment has a displacement of 13m³/h, superconducting well-washing equipment is 10m³ larger than conventional well-washing at the same temperature.

2. The equipment has a steam pressure of 15MPa and a steam volume of 2160m³/h. Steam cleaning can save more than traditional cleaning

About 7 hours, this equipment steam cleaning tubing only 1 hour right, saving time and effort.

3, conventional well-washing equipment without anti-dry automatic protection device; superconducting well-washing equipment has a number of automated protection measures to prevent the design

Prepare dry fire to eliminate security risks.

4. The conventional well-washing equipment has a single function for well cleaning; the superconducting well-washing equipment can use three types of well-washing methods: hot water, steam, and self-circulation.

5. The heat of conventional well-washing equipment is directly discharged from the chimney and energy is wasted; the superconducting well-washing equipment is equipped with the secondary heat of the chimney.

Use devices to save energy.

6, conventional well-washing equipment, flame direct combustion coil, easy to produce liquid leakage, coking, scaling hidden safety problems;

Superconducting well cleaning equipment, no flame contact with the coil, no liquid leakage, no coking, no scaling and safety protection.

7. The conventional well-washing equipment adopts carbon steel material, and the coil is easy to be corroded, easily causing leakage, and the coil must be replaced within 1-2 years;

Superconducting well-washing equipment uses superconducting materials, eliminating the need to replace coils throughout life, saving time and costs.

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