Equipment features
Jun 20, 2018

1. The equipment uses the oil well production fluid as a medium and has good compatibility with the formation. There is no drainage period of 2-15 days after well cleaning, no sewage is discharged, no oil layer is contaminated, and no surface pollution occurs.

2. Reuse the excess heat of the chimney to improve the thermal efficiency of the equipment, prevent the loss of heat, avoid the waste of energy, reduce the emission of flue gas, reduce the pollution to the environment, and achieve environmental protection, energy conservation and high efficiency.

3. When the equipment reaches the set value, the burner will stop automatically. At this time, the accumulator absorbs excess heat and can realize the free conversion of energy storage and release. The heat exchanger is heated to increase the temperature of the passing liquid.

4. After the well is washed, it can remove the screened, mesh, and air-segment soluble plugging material, and dredge the oil channel so that the oil well fluid continuously flows into the bottom of the well, greatly increasing the production of the oil well fluid, increasing the oil flow channel, reducing The oil flow resistance improves the efficiency of the oil recovery system. The oil well with high ground energy can recover the production volume at the initial stage of development. The water quality of the injection well is improved, the water injection volume rises significantly, and the cost of water injection wells is reduced.

5. The superconducting temperature can reach 350°C during the operation of the equipment. The uniform heat transfer and high thermal efficiency can not only remove the wax, oil pump and tail pipe mesh dirt on the inner wall of the oil pipe and the surface of the sucker rod, but also remove the oil in the well. Sand and impurities.

6. The oil wells are mined three times. The coalesced wells form a reticular jelly, the equipment temperature is high, the polymer is diluted with heat, the deblocking performance is strong, the oil flow passage is increased, and the mechanical recovery efficiency is improved.

7. Sets of steam, hot water, self-circulating wash wells as one of the three devices. The superconducting material has the features of anti-oxidation, high-pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. The internal non-flame contact, the liquid does not form coke, does not foul through the superconducting coil tube, the super-conductive coil tube has a long service life, and saves a lot of maintenance costs.

8. The wax removal time is short. In addition to the wax, the oil well depth can be cleaned in 2-4 hours. The oil used in a well only needs 40L to reduce the oil consumption.

9. Oil well equipment does not do reactive power operation, which can save a lot of electric energy and personnel investment, reduce the daily maintenance of equipment, extend the service life of the sucker rods and wool rakes, extend the period of well flushing pump inspection, and reduce the number of oil well overhauls.

10. It absorbs the most advanced industrial automation technology, data acquisition technology, image processing technology, fuzzy control technology and remote control technology at home and abroad, effectively guarantees the advanced and scientific quality of products, has a high degree of automation, and humanized design. Easy to operate and other advantages.

11. The equipment can perform tests on oil wells, wells, gas wells and injection-polymeric wells for pressure tests, leak detection, wax cleaning, sweeping lines, plug removal, salt washing, inspection sets, dosing, and operation and puncture washing. It can replace traditional equipment such as steam cars, pump trucks, trucks, water tankers, boiler cars, cement trucks, steam wax, etc., and achieve the effect of “one machine at hand and the oil well”.

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