China Oil well paraffin removal truck
Jan 23, 2019

  Loading the secondary chassis, through the addition of the platform, full power PTO, three cylinder cylinder piston pump, truck-mounted boiler, burner, gas supply system, pumping exhaust pipe, heat exchange system, drive system modified truck. Hydraulic system, air system, operating system, etc. The truck is mainly used for hot washing and production well crushing; high pressure well washing and pressure testing; paraffin removal pipes and rods cooperate with workover operations. It is also widely used to heat other media, unblock and thaw surface pipes and cleaning equipment. Optional accessories: burner, diesel generator set, over temperature - overpressure protection system, 2m3 / 6m3 water tank, optional chassis: Bei Ben (4 × 2, 6 × 4, 6 × 6), China National Heavy Duty Truck (4 × 2,6×4,6×6), Dongfeng (4×2, 6×4, 6×6).

  It combines multiple functions, such as self-circulating flushing, high pressure well flushing, hot well flushing, steam paraffin removal, and pressure testing. It has the advantages of stable flow, high thermal efficiency, high equipment utilization rate, long service life of three-cylinder plunger pump and vehicle-mounted boiler, safe and reliable burner ignition, convenient maintenance and so on. It is ideal for flushing operations and paraffin removal operations.


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