Bao shi superconducting multi-functional well-washing equipment and conventional well-washing equipment comparison table
Jun 20, 2018

Selection equipment

Conventional well cleaning equipment

Superconducting multi-function well cleaning equipment

Cleaning method

After the water is heated by the boiler and injected into the casing, the casing and the oil suction pipe are heated to melt the wax in the oil suction pipe, and then the injected  well washing water and the well fluid are discharged to achieve the purpose of wax cleaning.

In the normal operation of oil wells, the extracted oil from the oil wells is heated in the superconductor chamber and then automatically flows into the wells. In this way,  the temperature of the oil extraction pipes and well fluids gradually increases to achieve the purpose of removing wax and removing high-melting-point dirt.

Cleaning quality

Clean the wax on the inner wall of the suction pipe

General effect

* Clean wax and plug off the inner wall of the oil suction pipe;

* Clean away the high melting point dirt on the inner wall of the suction pipe;

* Remove soluble plugging material from the mesh and perforation sections of the suction pipe tail pipe. Such  as: colloidal, asphaltene and so on.

Good effect

Need equipment

One medicine truck, one boiler truck, and two water tank trucks

1 set

Well washing medium

Water injection 40m³ (sewage discharge)

Use the well's own production fluid to wash the well without sewage drainage


no effect

The effect is remarkable

Impact on oil wells

1、Pressure oil layer

2、Water does not come out of oil

3、2-15 days recovery period

1、Good compatibility with formation

2、Wax thoroughly

3、No recovery period, saving time and energy

Output temperature



Thermal efficiency


93% or more

Construction process



Climate impact

Winter affected (restricted)

All year round construction


6-8 people

2 people

Environmental pollution

Sewage discharge, serious pollution to surface and stratum

No pollution (since the oil well fluid self-heating cycle is compatible with the formation), no sewage is discharged

Oil production

Oil well production cut

Recovery to early stage of development yields high yield

Equipment function

Only use hot water to clean wells

Self-circulation, hot water, steam well washing, three methods to wash wells

Fuel consumption



Impact of oil well equipment

Cartridges can easily cause breakage of sucker rod hairpins, short pump inspection cycles, and frequent overhauls.

Can extend the lifespan of the sucker rod, hair strands, and check the pump cycle, reducing the number of overhauls


The flame directly burns the coil, which is prone to liquid leakage and is not safe.

Superconducting coils have no flame contact, no liquid leakage, and safety protection


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